Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Manners! - PKTR 11 Preview

Holiday time means many things and we think one of those things should be manners. Or more accurately, we believe it's a good time to work on your kids' manners. When some folks are getting bit by the Scrooge bug, we can do our part by teaching kids to resist that negativity and instead, learn how to spread good cheer. Isn't that what manners are really all about? Care, respect and consideration of others? Forget consumerism, embrace kindness.

We'll talk about various ways you can enlighten your kids (and other family members!).

We've used this book for scout meetings and other things and recommend it (and will talk about it a bit in the show).

What do holidays mean to you? Is it a time to relax, be casual and throw manners to the wind or it is time to show respect, learn to hold doors open for elderly folks, and to write great thank you notes. Call in and let us know what you think.

Tune in (and/or call in) Saturday at 2:00 pm (EDT).


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