Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Resolutions and Follow Up - PKTR 14

Download today's show to hear about New Year's Resolutions and follow up information from past shows!

Do you take time to reflect on the past year? The PKTR hosts believe that's the best way to make resolutions for the coming year. Think about the past year, then figure out what you'd like to change, then do it!

If you'd prefer an outline telling you just how to make a resolution, the hosts hook you up with a website that will help you write one.

We will give you plenty of ideas for resolutions as well as some tips for those who make the typical "get organized" resolution.

Here's the website for A Complaint Free World. That's the resolution the hosts thought would be one of the best you could do with your whole family.

The idea is this: you wear some kind of token (like their purple complaint-free-world bracelet pictured above) on your wrist for 21 days and refrain from complaining, criticizing and gossiping. Any time you do one of those (complain, criticize or gossip) you have to start your 21 day count all over again and switch the wrist (to remind you to start over). It's a great idea!

As for the second half of the show...

It's the last show of the year, so we wanted to clean up our PKTR house, so to speak. You'll hear the PKTR hosts clear up some things from past shows (having to do with Webkinz (grrr....), Club Penguin, Kindle and a really lousy video game).

Finally, you'll hear them announce a couple of great new online communities for tweens:

Thanks for listening!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

39 Great Gifts and "The 39 Clues" - PKTR 13

Download today's show and you'll hear the PKTR hosts discuss 39 great last minute gifts and "The 39 Clues."

First, you'll hear 39 great last minute gift ideas for preteens. Then you'll get information about "The 39 Clues." Some say it may be Scholastic's next big thing after "Harry Potter." Or is it? Hmmm. The PKTR hosts believe that it's not at all like Potter. If you haven't heard about it yet, listen to this week's show!

Great Gifts for Girls:

iTunes gift card ($15, 25, 50, 100)
iPod (any type - shuffle ($79), nano (from $149), classic (from $249), iPod touch (from $299))


Look at our earlier post here for our Top Picks - Video Games for Tweens

Wii --

Super Mario Galaxy (Read our earlier, detailed post about this must-have game!)
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party Bundle

PS2 --
Sing Star --80s--
UPDATE: Do NOT buy this game! Our family was unlucky enough to get it as a gift and it stinks! It is full of bad, bad, cheesy 80s music that no kid (or very few kids) will enjoy.* We apologize for including it in our show and retract the recommendation. We made a mistake. We meant to recommend SingStarPop.
Terribly sorry...

Moving on...
Karaoke Revolution: American Idol
DDR SuperNova2 Bundle

Nintendo DS --

Hannah Montana: Music Jam

Online games --

Club Penguin Membership (from
[Wait...did she actually say "bummer"?? Listen to the show to find out!]

Webkinz (buy the stuffed animal at Target or Hallmark, then go to

Flip Video Camera

Gift cards to sporting goods stores (e.g., Sports Authority, etc.)

Kajeet cell phone (subject to parents' approval)
Firefly/Wirefly pay-as-you-go phone (same caveat)

Gift cards to appropriate stores
for younger girls (7-10), Ltd. Too
for older preteens (10-13), Abercrombie, Hollister, Nordstrom, or Delia's


Great Gifts for Boys:

Any of the Calvin & Hobbes books
Cool Stuff & How it Works (or Cool Stuff 2.0)

(and check out the website that Oprah mentioned in her recent rerun with Marshall Brain, founder of How Stuff Works)

The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

iTunes gift card ($15, 25, 50, 100)
iPod (any type - shuffle, classic, nano, video, iTouch)

Look at our earlier post here for our Top Picks - Video Games for Tweens
Wii --

Super Mario Galaxy

PS2 --
Sing Star Pop
Top Spin Tennis

Nintendo DS --
Dragon Quest Heroes - Rocket Slime

Flip Video Camera (see photo above)


Jerseys of their favorite players
Gift Cards to local sporting good stores (e.g., Sports Authority)

Great Gifts for Families

Here are the great gift ideas for families or for a twist on the ordinary hostess gift:

Anything from Cranium (e.g., Cranium Cadoo, Cranium, Whoonu)
Taboo, Jr.
Outburst, Jr.
Buzz: The Big Quiz (for PS2)

For more information on these and other games, listen to last week's podcast here.

Finally, the PKTR hosts were even more excited to tell you about

The 39 Clues

Just when the preteen kids are losing interest in books, or, at the very least, slowing down with reading and moving to computer games or video games, Scholastic helps us parents with The 39 Clues.

The 39 Clues is a sort of project, really, to be released beginning next September. It will consist of a series of books, cards and internet activities. So, it should appeal to the readers who love good writing and adventurous, thrilling, mystery novels (wait 'til you hear the authors who will be participating!), as well as the card lovers, online game lovers, and kids who just want more from their reading experience.

Different authors will write ten different novels, following a story arc developed by the first author. Who's the first author? None other than Rick Riordan, author of the popular, exciting, (and my daughter's favorite) Percy Jackson novels, including The Lightning Thief. We're so excited about this venture!

Riordan's book, The Maze of Bones is due for release in September, 2008 and the online clues and activities should begin around the same time. Each book will include six cards (with clues the readers then use online). The main characters of the story are a 14 year old girl, Ann Cahill and her 11 year old brother, Dan Cahill. They come from a very powerful family but readers don't yet know the source of the family's power.

The characters are racing other family members to uncover 39 clues to find the source of the family's power (and treasure). Readers/players will share in the excitement (and possibly even win some prizes!). Stay tuned as details unfold....and be sure to check the official website (currently in development).

Thanks for listening! Join us again next week on Parents and Kids Talk Radio!


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*The possible exception is ladies of a certain age who were in high school around that time. They would probably have a blast with this title, especially if they play it with girlfriends from that time's just not good for kids.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Best Board Games! - PKTR 12

We love board games! What better time of year than the holiday season to bring out our top picks for board games.

That's what you'll hear when you listen to today's show (click on the "play" symbol in the blue button in the right sidebar).

Here are a few of the games we recommend (and discuss) on the show:

The PKTR hosts tell you all about the original game (pictured above), but the company offers many other versions. You're sure to find the Blokus that's right for your family. You can find this game at Amazon, too, or can always check your favorite toy store.

For more information, you can check out the company's website.

Next, the PKTR hosts recommend Sequence and Sequence for Kids.

Listen to the show to hear the hosts' thoughts about the latest edition of the most popular board game of all time. Do you know which game it is?

The hosts also make an important announcement about a game that is not a board game...but you'll need to listen right away or the information will no longer be relevant! And it was not the VP of the company that we quoted, so please note our correction: the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime announced the information that we restated in the show.

Thanks for listening and tune in again next week at 2:00 pm (ET) on BlogTalkRadio.


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Manners! - PKTR 11 Show Notes

Holiday time means many things and we think one of those things should be manners. Or more accurately, we believe it's a good time to work on your kids' manners. When some folks are getting bit by the Scrooge bug, we can do our part by teaching kids to resist that negativity and instead, learn how to spread good cheer. Isn't that what manners are really all about? Care, respect and consideration of others? Forget consumerism, embrace kindness!

The PKTR hosts discussed how parents need to step up and start teaching kids manners. Everyone will benefit.

We talked about when to start teaching manners and how it helps kids to know basic etiquette. Here's the book we mentioned in the show:

Listen to the show to hear the most important manners to teach kids, including table manners, party manners and thank you notes.

Click on the blue button in the right sidebar to listen to the show now or just click here.

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Here's a link to Domino magazine where you'll find the Cynthia Kling article we referenced in the show. Check out her video where she gives a great summary of the article and a terrific "Manners in a Minute" segment. She ends it with a perfect quote, "Manners will give you social confidence and make you comfortable in any situation." Isn't that a reason to teach them to your kids? It's not for grandma, it's for the kid's sake.

BTW, here's the website that we mentioned in the show that had a blurb about manners (and is a great recipe website). It's called the Six O'Clock Scramble.

And if you know someone who's worthy of an award for his/her good deeds, enter the point of life contest. Here's the link for the free contest.


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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Manners! - PKTR 11 Preview

Holiday time means many things and we think one of those things should be manners. Or more accurately, we believe it's a good time to work on your kids' manners. When some folks are getting bit by the Scrooge bug, we can do our part by teaching kids to resist that negativity and instead, learn how to spread good cheer. Isn't that what manners are really all about? Care, respect and consideration of others? Forget consumerism, embrace kindness.

We'll talk about various ways you can enlighten your kids (and other family members!).

We've used this book for scout meetings and other things and recommend it (and will talk about it a bit in the show).

What do holidays mean to you? Is it a time to relax, be casual and throw manners to the wind or it is time to show respect, learn to hold doors open for elderly folks, and to write great thank you notes. Call in and let us know what you think.

Tune in (and/or call in) Saturday at 2:00 pm (EDT).


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Saturday, December 1, 2007

First of the Month Free4All! - PKTR 10

It's December first, so it's time for our First of the Month Free for All!!

Iceberg in Club Penguin (Step 1)

The PKTR hosts want your help in solving their vexing question: Can anyone ever really tip the iceberg in Club Penguin?? If you or someone you know play(s) Club Penguin, you probably know what we're talking about. Can you solve the mystery? Put the rumor to rest? Help us sleep better at night??? Please?? Leave a comment or send us an email to

Iceberg in Club Penguin (Step 2?) this the right Step 2??

On to other things...

Where did we first hear "Nice Bwinker, Jerkface!"? Right here at

lolcat - nice bwinker jurkface
moar funny pictures

If you want to have a chuckle, visit their site. It will make you smile.* Probably goes without saying, but...we sure don't recommend that you say that little sentence in anger!! It's just meant as a silly thing. And we mean that!

In fact, to remind us all how important it is not to say angry things around kids, we mentioned the following intense (NOT FOR KIDS) video that makes the point better than we could:

Note: We hope that's not too preachy (or something), just wanted to put the whole thing in context...
it's hard to watch, though...(NOT FOR KIDS)

On a lighter note...

Here are the books the hosts recommended.

First, for kids in grades 1 through 6:

The Tale of Desperaux by Kate DiCamillo

And here's the link for that beautiful Nutcracker book.

Here is the bilingual book (for younger siblings), Disney Princess Talking Dictionary** that the hosts highly recommend:

It's a terrific way for kids to learn some Spanish words, see their favorite Disney characters and interact with that electronic keypad. Fun, educational and on sale, too!

You can get it by clicking here** and you can read our detailed review by clicking here.

These are some of the other great titles the hosts recommended in today's show.
Sponge Bob's Sea Sale**


Dora's Words to Know (A Talking Dictionary)**

We love Dora!!

Here's the great book one of the hosts mentioned that you can just check out of your local library (and this one's for your own enjoyment).

And finally, here's the dog the PKTR hosts mentioned in today's show!

Listen to the show for other pet ideas and a special announcement for our tween listeners -- here's the website we mentioned.)
Thanks for listening. Tune in again next week at 2:00 pm (EDT).


*actual results may vary
**click on "Shop Now" then "Electronic Books" and scroll down until you find the title
(BTW, we get nothing from that click, other than a good feeling that something we liked made somebody else happy!)

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