Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Big Apple - PKTR 39

Planning a trip to New York City? Then you must listen to our show. It's all about great things to see if you're taking kids to Manhattan.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

iPhone Apps 2.0 - PKTR 38

A couple of shows back we told you about the new iPhone 3G and a few of the initial applications available in Apple's app store. Today, we're updating the info, so we're calling this show iPhone Apps 2.0.

We start by sharing our experience standing in line to buy an iPhone. Next, we provide some insights about Twitter and then it's on to the topic of the day - applications!

App developers are pumping out new applications so quickly that it's almost overly time-consuming to figure out which ones to add to our iPhones or iTouches.

On today's show, we'll tell you all about our top apps. We've tried so many that we are excited to share our findings. We will give you quick overviews of our favorites along with some criticisms.

Bottom line? We found so many fun and interesting applications that if you needed another reason to get an iPhone or an iTouch, you'll probably find one here! For example, look at this:

If you use Twitter, you will probably love Twitterific. Listen to the show and we'll tell you why.

We also tell you about DeBlob, Texas Hold 'Em, Jawbreaker (renamed reMovem), Etch-a-Sketch, Crash Kart, WordPress, Fotomatic, ColorTilt, Enigmo, Break, DizzyBee, Remelody, Math Quiz, Super Monkey Ball, Bubbles and more!

Update: Bubbles is no longer free (it's $0.99). Also, after spending more time with Break, my kids have revised their comments and feelings about Break. They say, "This game stinks." So...for what it's worth...

This one, Enigmo, is probably best for the parents in the house. Look at this brief review:

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