Saturday, September 1, 2007

Contest Rules and Guidlines

Here's how it works: we draw a winner at random by tallying the number of entries, then using the random number generator and checker at If you are the lucky winner, we'll announce your name on our show, then (once we receive your valid email address and snail mail address) send the item to you by snail mail.

You can only enter once per contest (be fair). If you enter more than once we'll disqualify you. The contest's ending date is decided by the Co-Hosts, and this date will be posted on our blog as soon as we decide. Void where prohibited, wherever that might be.

We'll do our best to mail your items to you as soon as we can, but remember, this is Parents and Kids Talk Radio. Lets just say we don't end up at the Post Office every day. Please keep that in mind. We're not responsible if the item gets lost in the mail. Also, we're not responsible if you send us the wrong address, or if it gets to the wrong house. Basically, if anything goes wrong it's not our fault.

Hat-tip to for their already-existing, amazing Contest Rules and Guidelines from which we heavily borrowed when writing our own. Thanks!

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