Saturday, December 8, 2007

Manners! - PKTR 11 Show Notes

Holiday time means many things and we think one of those things should be manners. Or more accurately, we believe it's a good time to work on your kids' manners. When some folks are getting bit by the Scrooge bug, we can do our part by teaching kids to resist that negativity and instead, learn how to spread good cheer. Isn't that what manners are really all about? Care, respect and consideration of others? Forget consumerism, embrace kindness!

The PKTR hosts discussed how parents need to step up and start teaching kids manners. Everyone will benefit.

We talked about when to start teaching manners and how it helps kids to know basic etiquette. Here's the book we mentioned in the show:

Listen to the show to hear the most important manners to teach kids, including table manners, party manners and thank you notes.

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Here's a link to Domino magazine where you'll find the Cynthia Kling article we referenced in the show. Check out her video where she gives a great summary of the article and a terrific "Manners in a Minute" segment. She ends it with a perfect quote, "Manners will give you social confidence and make you comfortable in any situation." Isn't that a reason to teach them to your kids? It's not for grandma, it's for the kid's sake.

BTW, here's the website that we mentioned in the show that had a blurb about manners (and is a great recipe website). It's called the Six O'Clock Scramble.

And if you know someone who's worthy of an award for his/her good deeds, enter the point of life contest. Here's the link for the free contest.


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Happy Person said...

Manner is one of the ingredients that form character. It has a long-lasting impact on a person. Teaching kids manner is one of the noble mission of any parent. Let work for it!