Saturday, May 2, 2009

Clothes for Teens - PKTR #49

Abercrombie & Fitch.  What kind of reaction do you have when you read that name?  Something pleasant or a bit of a shudder?

We have some fairly strong opinions about the company and teen clothing generally.  Download this week's show to hear them.  

The PKTR hosts will also tell you about their new microphone, called the Snowball.  What do you think?  Might take a few adjustments before its full potential is realized...

We couldn't do a show this week without briefly mentioning the H1N1 flu virus, so if you're sick of hearing about it, just move to about 15 minutes into the show to bypass the discussion.  

That hand sanitizer that smells like freshly baked cookies?  Here you go.  You're welcome.

Ready 2 Rumble?  We tell you our initial impressions of the Wii game by the same name and will have a review coming soon!!

We're also eagerly anticipating the upcoming release (May 19) of EA Sports Active and tell you a little about it on the show.

Then, it's on to a discussion of road rallies and puzzle hunts.  Do you know what they are?  Do you have any great resources to share?  We'd appreciate it!

But enough of the idle chit chat...we have so much to say about clothing for teens and kids.  Do you buy Abercrombie clothes?  Do you proudly carry around their shopping bags?  If not, which stores do your kids prefer?  Has the Abercrombie craze jumped the shark?  Passed its prime?  Faded into oblivion?  

How about Hollister?  

Somehow, to the PKTR hosts, the folks at Hollister seem to get it right while the A&F staff are caught up in ego and pretense (despite their connection).

Finally, we wrap up the show with our favorite (for this week) iPhone/iPod Touch apps (including a brief mention of Twitter).  Here's the photo our happy tween host created with ColorSplash:

Thanks for listening!!

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