Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nintendo News - PKTR 37

Listen to the show as the PKTR cohosts tell you about all the latest news from Nintendo!

Soapbox Mom attended BlogHer 2008 in San Francisco and has some exciting news to share!

First, she'll tell you a little about that conference, including a party involving none other than Guy Kawasaki (thank you, again, Guy for a fantastic party!!), then the hosts will tell you a little about one of the exhibitors, Picnik, and what that means to you, finally the hosts tell you that they're thinking about attending E3* next year (or maybe even the E for All Expo later this year)! Why not? According to Seth Schiesel in the New York Times, we're the kind of people that fuel Nintendo.

Just look at John Davison's fantastic site, What They Play - The Parents Guide to Video Games. He seems to agree with us, anyway... We'll tell you a bit about his site (but you should go there right now and be sure to bookmark it!!). You'll have no more excuses for acting clueless about what your kids are playing on their game systems.

At about 15 minutes into the show, it's all things Nintendo, baby!

After a furious rant by Soapbox Mom about EA and its Rock Band title (hoo boy, is she mad!!). If you've ever wondered what she sounds like mad, be sure to listen to the show. And if you're from EA, just tell her that you received the flippin' broken, defective, sliced drum pedal, OKAY?! That's all she wants. Just tell her you received it and that everything's okay. OKAY?!


Back to the show...

You'll hear about this title:

Yes, it's true, Animal Crossing will soon be released for the Nintendo Wii!

You'll do more of the fun activities that you've enjoyed on the DS, but now it's full screen fun on the Wii!!

Here are some great screenshots, compliments of the cool team at Nintendo:

In this show, the PKTR ladies also tell you about Wii Music, Wii Sports Resort, and more.

Thanks for listening! Join us again next week on Parents and Kids Talk Radio.

*(E3 - Electronic Entertainment Expo)
Update: We have since been advised that E3 attendance is by invitation only, so if anyone out there can get us an invitation, please send us an e-mail and hook us up!! (pktalkradio at yahoo dot com)

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