Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tween Time - PKTR 27

What do tweens think about the world today?

We talk about a variety of topics in this show and check in with our resident tween to get a sense of what she and her friends think.

For example:
Passion? What does it matter? Who has it and why? How does it affect what people do? Do we see people display it on American Idol? Does David Cook have it? Archuleta?

Hannah Montana's takeover by Miley Cyrus. What's the deal?

Politics. Very briefly. Okay?

Blogs by tweens and about tweens. Good idea?

The hottest book series for tweens. Do you know what it is?

Then ... back to passion. As it relates to music programs in schools. Is your school cutting back on the arts due to lack of funding? Let us know!

Have you ever been to that diner that Jerry, Elaine & George frequent on Seinfeld? We ate lunch there and had an experience that could have been right from the show. We tell you a little about it.

That's the show!

Thanks for listening.

Join us again next week on Parents and Kids Talk Radio!

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