Saturday, February 9, 2008

What are Strategy Games? - PKTR 20

Saturday, February 9, 2008

It was our 20th show and we were giddy. We called it Fun and Games. Download the show (or click on the play button over in the right sidebar) if you want to hear the co-hosts being silly and spirited.

In terms of substance...

Safari Rush Hour

You'll hear about a variety of games for your kids (and for you!), like Tipover, Safari Rush Hour, Rush Hour, and Quarto.


We engaged in a rather spirited debate about this game (above). Please leave a comment (below) and tell us whom you agreed with. Is it like tic-tac-toe or Connect Four (or neither one)?

Midway through the show, you'll hear about a little known online game that will most likely start picking up speed with tweens (especially girls).

Finally, the co-hosts give a little shout out to a candy store they recently discovered that they would just love to visit some day.


Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope you take some time to have your own fun and games.

Thanks for listening. Join us again Saturday on Blog Talk Radio for Parents and Kids Talk Radio!!

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