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All Things Apple! - PKTR 15

UPDATE 1/17/08:
No post about Apple would be complete without mention of the keynote speech Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, gave recently at MacWorld 2008. To save you time, I searched around the web and finally found a great, quick recap in a video done by Veronica Belmont of Mahalo. She calls it "The Steve Jobs 90 Minute Keynote (in 60 Seconds)":

Better and better and better...


Happy New Year!

Our holidays were full of all kinds of activities and events, but what do you think inspired us to devote a whole radio show to it? You might be surprised.

For whatever reason, we repeatedly heard people doubting that there was much of a difference between PC products and Macs. We then felt a sudden urge to explain that that's simply not true. We also heard things like, "What's the big deal about the Apple stuff?" That led us to start giving iPhone demonstrations, but then we decided to just talk about all things Apple (and Macs) on our show.

So, today's show was all about the beauty of the Mac and other Apple products. To hear the show, just click here.

Have you seen the ever popular PC vs. Mac commercials like this one (below)?

Well, we started to wonder whether the people we know have ever seen them. So, we decided to throw a few of those in (in part, to provide a little humor, too).

We also love the NBC show, The Office, starring Steve Carell. So we had to share our observation that some of the show's characters bear an uncanny resemblance to the Mac/PC guys. What do you think?

Here's Dwight from The Office (or is he the PC guy from the Mac ads??)

And here's Jim Halpert from The Office

And here's another one of our favorites:

Click here to go right to the site (which the PKTR hosts referenced for this podcast) that lays out the differences between PCs and Macs. On that site, you can also view more of the Mac vs. PC commercials (including that one where the guys look a bit like cartoon characters in the Rudolph the Reindeer movie).

Here's the very informative site by John Droz where he debunks many myths about Macs (and explains how a Mac can actually end up costing 36% less than a PC). He presents an impressive amount of research within the site.

We also mentioned Apple stores which you can read about here.

Or, if you want to see an Apple store that in and of itself is beautiful, look at this:

Apple Store in NYC

Thanks for listening!

Join us again next week on Parents & Kids Talk Radio.


Images from the sites themselves (like The Office) and DigitalTechNews.

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