Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kindle! - PKTR 9 Show Notes

Here it is!

It's called Kindle and it's the new darling of Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. They don't call it an e-book reader, or a Reader Digital Book, rather it's a wireless reading device. It holds about 200 titles and can hold even more simply by adding a memory card. You can choose from almost 90,000 books (including almost all of the current New York Times Best Sellers and new releases), top newspapers (including the Washington Post, The New York Times and others), top magazines and blogs. Amazon will be adding more book titles daily.

Wireless delivery of all of these goodies is free and includes access to Wikipedia. So, once you buy the book or the magazine subscription via Amazon, they deliver it wirelessly and virtually instantaneously to your Kindle. And they back up your info for you. No need to sync with your computer.

Read this post from Techcrunch for terrific information, including many more comments and Erick Schonfeld's Q&A with Jeff Bezos. The post that the PKTR hosts referenced can be found here. Here's the Macworld article we mentioned, too. And, for the sake of comparison, here's a link to the latest Sony Reader Digital Book.

We simply couldn't cover all there is to say about this device, so please go to for more information. Oh, and here's the video with the guy whose voice is similar to the guy who does the Apple ads (close your eyes before deciding whether you agree with us; they look very different. We're just talking about the voice). But forget the voice, the point is that he does a great little demo of Kindle.

Here is the David Pogue video we mentioned (okay, gushed about) in the show:

We still love that video. I think we know it by heart...and here is his article about Kindle.

Please note: On the show, we mentioned that downloads can take less than a second. Of course, we meant to say one minute (it's fast but it's not that fast.) That's less than one minute to download a book.

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